The total number of regular employees on the rolls as on 1.5.2001 was 1532. The policy of the Govt. of India for reservation of posts for those belonging to SC, ST, OBC, Ex-Serviceman and Physically handicapped is being observed.



Sone Ganga Khad (SSP)
PPCL has established quality and most acceptable SSP under brand name “Sone Ganga Khad.” It is an ideal combination of high quality 16% water soluble phosphate, 12% water soluble plant available Sulphur and 21% Calcium. SSP is being produced at Amjhore unit in Bihar as well as at Saladipura unit in Rajasthan. Sone Ganga Khad is very much popular in PPCL’s economic marketing zone covering Bihar, Eastern U.P., Bengal & other eastern states, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Western U.P.

Agriculture Grade Pyrites (AGP)
PPCL showed its innovative spirit by pioneering an alternative use of Pyrites. It developed AG. Grade Pyrites as an amendment for the reclamation of Alkaline (usar) soil and also its use as a source of nutrient Sulphur in Sulphur deficient soils primarily for the production of Sulphur loving oilseeds, pulses and cereal crops. With this, about 1.70 Lakh hectares of alkaine soils in U.P., Bihar, M.P., and Delhi have been reclaimed, thereby producing about 7.25 lakh tonnes of additional foodgrains every year.

Mussoorie Phos

PPCL has successfully established the use of “Mussoorie Phos” as the most effective, economical, natural and eco-friendly phosphatic fertilizer across the country and more specifically in acidic soils dominated in the Southern, Eastern and N.E. states of the country.

Sone Ganga Bio Fertilizers

To substitute high cost chemical fertilizer, PPCL has pioneered the use of agrominerals in agriculture and also to enhance integrated Plant Nutrient Supply (PNS) through alternative renewable source of nutrient supply such as Bio-fertilizers. Considering Bio-fertilizers are going to be at centre stage in time to come, PPCL has started producing Rhizobium inoculant at Amjhore for its marketing and promotion in Bihar and U.P.



The economic liberalisation has thrown open a plethora of challenges. In this scenario PPCL, with its vibrant marketing network that is entrenched firmly around the roots of Indian agriculture, provides an ideal launching pad for promoting agriculture inputs. Its decades of undaunted service for commercial agriculture needs no further explanation. Towards this end, PPCL has turned successful its marketing network into trading business advantage.

A well knit marketing department is the nerve centre of the company. The department has three zones North, East and South with headquarters at Noida, Calcutta and Bangalore, respectively. It has 50 sales offices extending throughout the nation. Besides marketing its own products viz Single Super Phosphate (SSP), Mussoorie Rock Phosphate (M.Phos), Agriculture grade Pyrite (AGP), Bio Fertilizer etc., PPCL is importing and marketing DAP, MOP etc., throughout the country. PPCL has made a name in handling of fertilizers at Indian ports. It has managed logistics efficiently in marketing of maximum tonnage of imported fertilizers within the country through a well knit distribution system which connects PPCL to the consumers.

PPCL, besides marketing of its own products, also imports fertilizers like DAP, MOP etc. and handles Urea on behalf of Govt. of India. PPCL also markets fertilizers, Agro minerals and other Agro-inputs produced by indigenous manufacturers. These activities are to augment the availability of fertilizers of right quality at right time at right price to the farmers.

PPCL has been exporting fertilizers to the countries like Bangladesh and is trying to find out markets in other neighbouring countries.


PPCL has developed expertise in handling of material at almost all major ports of the country infrastructure has been developed for speedy discharge of material from ships, its bagging and inland transportation.



Pyrites, Phosphates and Chemicals Limited (PPCL) was founded in 1960 with the mission of exploring and exploiting indigenous mineral deposits for the production of Sulphur, Sulphuric acid and phosphatic fertilizers.The main thrust of the company has been “Mining for Agriculture”. With this objective, the company has also been engaged in the marketing of quality fertilizers, educating the farmers on land reclamation, efficient use of fertilizers and allied activities for the prosperity of the farming community.

PPCL has three production unit and a vast marketing network spread all over the country. PPCL has identified huge deposits of Iron Pyrites at Amjhore, Distt. Rohtas, Bihar and at Saladipura, Distt. Sikar, Rajasthan. It has further identified and mined Rock Phosphate in the hills of Mussoorie (U.P.) and from this Rock Phosphate, PPCL sucessfully developed Mussoorie Phos as a natural and eco friendly phosphatic fertilizer for direct application.


Amjhore, site of one of the largest Pyrites deposit in the world, sprawls over an area of about 125 Sq.Km. in Distt. Rohtas, Bihar. Amjhore has an estimated 275 millions tonnes of equivalent Sulphure in the form of Iron Pyrites which makes it one of the largest deposit in the world. PPCL produces Single Super Phosphate (SSP) under the brand name of Sone Ganga Khad based on Sulphuric Acid being produced from Iron Pyrites. PPCL is the only company in India to produce Sulphuric acid from Iron Pyrites. The installed capacity of the Sulphuric Acid and SSP plants are 320 TPD and 800 TPD respectively.


The Mussoorie Syncline in the Himalyan hills has vast resources about 45 million tonnes of low to medium grade Rock Phosphate. These deposits are scattered all Syncline, covering a map length of 120 Km. Out of all the blocks covering the complete synclinal portion, Maldeota and Durmala are potential deposits. These reserves are being mined by PPCL and are being marketed countrywide under the brand name of Mussoorie Phos (M.Phos). PPCl mines in Mussoorie are the only underground Rock Phosphates in India.

The Saladipura unit possesses vast deposit of about 120 million tonnes of medium grade Iron Pyrites, equivalent to 25 million tonnes of Sulphur. However, as production of Sulphuric Acid from Pyrites is not economical, the company has setup 300 TPD SSP and 200 TPD granulated SSP plant based on bought out Sulphuric acid. The common brand name of the product is Sone Ganga Khad.


Social Economic Programmes

Village level development programme and community development

The Company has undertaken farmers’ educational, fertilizer promotional and extension activities in different parts of the country with the objective to increase agricultural production through adoption of modern agricultural practices with special attention on balanced and efficient use of fertilizers.

The company has also adopted 4 villages, 3 in Bihar, 1 in Rajasthan for an overall socio-economic development through agricultural and related activities at grass-root level. In these adopted villages, programmes like organising demonstrations, crop melas, soil testing, farmers training, farmers meetings and plantation etc. have been organised.

Safety and Environment

The company has made continuous efforts for protection of environment and safety of its men and machines. The company has won a number of awards in safety and environmental protection from the Directorate General of Mines Safety and Indian Bureau of Mines for its Amjhore and Dehradun units.

The company has been adopting adequate hi-tech control measure in the field of safety and environmental protection and is not compromising on these matters so as to maintain high standards of safety and environment. Further, during 1998-1999, 4500 saplings have been planted in the mines area of the Dehradun unit. Similarly, in Amjhore and Saladipura units 10,000 and 4,000 saplings respectively have been planted in order to provide a clean and healthy environment.

Research and Development
PPCL is continuing Agricultural Research Projects through the State Agricultural Universities to establish the usefulness of Mussoorie Rock Phosphate as an indigenous and economical phosphatic fertilizer in neutral and alkaline soil areas of the country.

Training and Development
Due attention is being given to training and development of the workforce with a view to ensure optimum capacity utilization and also to adapt latest technology in different areas of functioning. Apart from getting the work force trained through external training, in house training programmes have also been organised at different unit/division levels.

Industrial Relations
Series of meetings / counsellings with the recognised Union / Associations have helped in maintaining cordial industrial relations. The employees have rendered utmost co-operation and hard work.

Progressive use of Hindi
The company is continuing to make extensive efforts for promoting use of Hindi in day to day office work in order to comply with the provisions of Official Languages Policy of the Government of India. We have already published hand books on safety, training literatures, Work procedure, Purchase procedure in Hindi.

We are using software named LEAP & ALP to perform communication in Hindi through computer. The company has made further headway in this area by implementing the valuable suggestions of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language.





PPCL will produce and supply a variety of phosphatic fertilizers, like SSP. PAPR (Partially Acidulated Rock Phosphate), for crop production in different agro-climatic condition.

Build up further fertilizer production facilities at appropriate location.

Step up the trading activities and emerge as a supplier of all agro inputs to the farmers.

Greater thrust will be given to the quality of products and profitability of operations.

Serve the farmers by providing tailor-made package of inputs considering their resources and constraints.

Strengthen the marketing network and develop capability of the marketing workforce to achieve its objective.

Give thrust to Research and Development activities.

Emphasis on the Human Resource Development (HRD) to exploit its full potential.

Build strategic alliances and joint ventures for the growth of the company in selected fields.

Fertilizer nutrient consumption in India has increased from 0.06 million to 14.34 million tonnes, but nutrient consumption still remains low as compared to other countries. Therefore, balanced and efficient use of fertilizer holds the key to increased agriculture production. PPCL would thus play a greater role in increasing the food grain production of the country by providing to the farmers the right kind of fertilizer at the right time at right price.

Breast Massage – Why & How?

Massaging the breast is becoming very popular among the Western countries as a method to improve the bust line. Asian women have been massaging their breasts for centuries now, and know the advantages of such a process over the synthetic methods and surgeries being used today. Breast massage is actually very simple, and can be done within the privacy of one’s home without anyone else coming to know about it. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes per day.

The breast is composed of tissue and adipose fat. Massaging helps to tone these layers and hence provide firmness to the breast. This leads to enlargement and enhancement of the shape of the breasts. Some women have problems with their breasts like inverted nipples or sagging, which can be dealt with using the proper massaging techniques. Breast massage will increase the tone and the size of the bust, thus building self-confidence in the user.


Over time, toxins may build up within the breasts (especially in lactating mothers). These toxic wastes can be channeled away through massage. Some lactating women suffer from engorged breasts in which the milk does not find a way out of the nipple. Either that, or the woman does not get time to breast-feed the baby. Such an accumulation of milk in the breast is dangerous as it may convert into poisonous wastes and they may show a painful swelling. Massage helps in disgorging them.

Today, massaging them is also seen as a diagnostic and prophylactic cure for breast cancer. Though there is no concrete evidence about the results of breast massage on breast cancer, there have been favorable indications.

How to Massage the Breasts?

A suitable breast enhancement cream must be applied to them before beginning with the massage. This helps to keep the breasts supple and pliable when pressure is applied to them. You can use an herbal breast cream, which has botanical stimulants to bring about breast enhancement. (ref)

Breast massage is a very simple four-step procedure which can very easily be done at home. The following are the four steps that are to be implemented:-

(i) Starting from the nipple, push downwards with the three longer fingers of your hand. The movement should be slow and almost graceful for better results. Be sure not to apply heavy pressure. The right trick is to maintain a moderate touch, but a prolonged contact. (ref)

(ii) Once the above step is done, then the breast should be lightly massaged with a kneading kind of action. Hold one breast with both your hands so as to cup out the breast. Do not apply heavy pressure; stop if it begins to hurt. Holding your breast in this manner, go on kneading it slightly for a while. Finish with one breast, and then take on the other. (ref)

(iii) The third step is most important to give a round firmness to the breasts. Hold your breast just as you had done in the earlier step. But instead of squeezing it out, give it a twirling kind of motion. Rotate your hands (and thus the breast) in a clockwise motion, followed by an equal anticlockwise motion. Continue this for about ten times. Then repeat with the other breast. (ref)

(iv) Finally, open out your palms on the breast such that they don’t cover the areola and are facing downwards. Then move your palms downwards so that the fingers rub against the side surfaces of the breast. This should not be done on the nipple, as it may spoil its shape. Continue this for about ten times per breast. (ref)

Professional Breast Lift Technique

Professional breast masseurs use a popular technique called as the breast lift. Placing both hands on a breast (from the upper and lower side), the breast is gently pulled skywards, assuming that the person is in a lying position. When the breast is at full stretch, it is released. This is done for a certain number of times. Breast lift has an advantage of increasing the elasticity of the breast and draining away the accumulated toxins. Breast masseurs also lay emphasis on the kneading of the pectoral muscles (which are located below the collar bone). Strong pectoral muscles mean suppler breasts.

Precautions white Breast Massage

Though breast massage is a very simple technique and can be practiced by the woman herself, it must be done with utmost care. Wrong handling of the breasts may lead to breaking of the glandular tissues that hold the breast upright. This will cause undue sagging of the breast. Hence, wrong breast massage techniques may actually backfire. If there is doubt in the manner of implementing breast massage, you must visit a massage therapist or practitioner at least for the first time to get the proper hang of things.

Breast massage done by an outside person (such as a practitioner or a massage therapist) is bound by several rules by the legislation. Since the breasts are an erogenous part of the body, there could be overstepping of the limits of modesty. Hence, caution is necessary. It is better to be cognizant with the rules and regulations of your area concerning breast massages from professionals beforehand. You may also opt for a breast massage while staying draped.

Fat Burners UK

Fat Burner – What is This?

What is a fat burner? It is a diet pill formulated to specifically burn fat in the form of pills that is taken regularly. Its components are mostly herbs or chemicals that could increase metabolism, energy and act as appetite suppressant. There are thousands of fat burners available and all promising instant lose weight over a short period of time. However, not all works and most especially not all works alone as extra help is also necessary to really make you burn fat quick.

What most people do not understand is the fact that these are not magic pills or miracle pills that once you pop a few pills into your mouth, you will instantly look sexy. Nope! This wrong misconception is the reasons why pills such as this are deem a scam or fraud when in truth your notion is the problem.

Keep in mind that these are just aids meant to aid in your exercise or whatever diet program you have going on. It may work or not work with all people as each individual are different as well as their lifestyle. Therefore, if you just plan on taking the pills without necessarily action then do not expect to lose much but if you will also maintain your workout routine, expect to get the result you desired quickly.

So now the only problem you have left is which fat burners are the best in assisting your workout or diet program. Since there are different brands and all promises a quick results it will be tricky indeed to find one that could work perfectly with your genetic makeup. That is why, I have decided to make it easier by giving you one brand that has proven its effectiveness and guaranteed to work or your money back.

According to Slimwiz Phen24 is one of the best fat burner available in the market today. It has proven its efficiency and will continue to prove it to you. The following are the reasons why this is definitely the answer to your overweight problems. The Euro version has slightly different from the one sold in the uk. This site explains it in clear details

  • The Body’s capacity to burn fat will double
  • Metabolism rate will increase
  • Your energy level will reach its highest level
  • You will have the power to stop your cravings
  • Lose weight by as much as 3 – 5 lbs every week

In losing weight, all these are very important most particularly your ability to keep your appetite at bay as these is where most people fail. After all, it is good to eat after a day’s hard work. So if you eat right, keep your workout routine the same and take Phen375 to assist you then you are definitely on your way to looking great. Try it to believe it.

Fat burners

Are you worried about your love handles? Belly fat? Flabby thighs, and wobbling arms? We are referring to stubborn body fats that make you look like stuffed doll in that gorgeous outfit! You want to have toned sexy body like Beyonce; flat tummy like Kelly Rowland or even ‘6 packs’ like Beckham. Oh yes! It is possible. You can workout with enhancement supplements like MaleExtra to burn excess fat. Far burners don’t just burn fat; they also burn out fat in strategic locations!

How are the fats burned?

Fat burners work primarily in the CNS initiating increased heart rate; which in turn raises the systolic blood pressure and metabolic activities in the body. All these events lead to elevation of core body temperature; huge amount of calories (and stored fats) are burned and eliminated as the body tries to keep up with the initiated mechanism. With fat burners, ingested foods are converted to heat even before they are stored.

Fat burners in UK

The fat burners industry in the UK is booming with products like Phen375 capturing huge market share which you can buy here. Read this Phen375 review if you are curious! Checkout this review here

What can go wrong?

It would have been awesome if fat burners had no side effects; unfortunately, just like most diet pills, fat burners have negative effects on the body system. FDA has recorded over 80 deaths among fat burner users. Psychosis, stroke, seizures, headaches and dizziness are some of the effects reported.

With 40-60 minutes of cardio exercises 3-4 times a week considerable amount of calories can be burned; in combination with a nutritious diet, healthy weight can be achieved and maintained. This supplement is now being shipped to India. Interested people can visit for more information. It can be bougght from Australia as well. Visit for more information.

Fat Burning Diet Plans For women

Women store more fat in their body than men.  The rate of metabolism and the amount of calories consumed is what determines whether one is to store more fat in the body or is to burn the stored fat. To reduce weight you must burn more calories than those you are consuming. This is the idea behind fat burning diet plans for women.

While on this diet plan it is advisable to eat several meals in a day rather than 3 large ones. This minimizes your chances of overeating since you won’t fell much hungry in-between meals. It also signals the body that you are not staving and therefore keep the metabolism running.  5-6 small meals are recommended in a day.

Take a lot of water. Preferably 6-9 glasses in a day. This keeps your appetite under control since you feel full and it assists in hydrating your body. A well hydrated body is able to flush out fat cells.

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Here is the workout video to watch!

Reduce the salt amount in your food to the bare minimum. Sodium forces the body to retain water which makes fat burning harder. Most packed meals contain salts and should be avoided. Try to stick to natural food options such as fruits and vegetables. Fat burning diet plans for women combined with regular exercises can assist women to lose weight.

A lot of reviews, comments and feedbacks about the different fat burners are coming out every day. In fact, they are a combination of good and bad which is probably why some individuals thinks that these are just a scam to defraud them. But hold on a minute, there is no reason to label all fat burners as fraud as some really do work. Do you know the benefits of colostrum?

If you are one of the people who have decided that fat burners are just a means to take your hard earned money, then you are probably one dissatisfied users. So let me ask you this, what do you think fat burners can do for you?

The problem with those who have taken fat burners and still overweight is the fact that they tend to think that these medicines are magic pills or miracle cure that would instantly flush out all their fats without actually doing anything but pop the pills into their mouth.

If these are your idea about fat burners you are better off without them. Take note that there are no instant solutions to losing weight and this is the reasons why you are not burning fat because you are expecting a miracle. Fat burning pills are no miracle worker but a diet supplement only, therefore its sole responsibility is to assist your diet program or exercises.

If you keep on being a couch potato and still eats like a horse because you think that the pills will burn all your fat away regardless of what you do with your body, then you are dearly mistaken and it is no wonder you are still fat and slow. So do not blame diet supplement or make it an excuse not to change your lifestyle, after all it is your bad habit that made you fat.

PR Support


The publicity of the products of PPCL is done through slogans on walls, hoardings, video cassettes, cine-slides, leaflets, mobile vans as well as through group discussions, seminars and regional meetings.

Public Relations
PPCL, on account of its activities and profession, maintains very cordial relations with Railway authorities, Govt. agencies, district/state authorities, local authorities and bodies to the best of its abilities.

Grievance Cell
PPCL has no separate grievance cell in the unit but the unit head is always available for the redressal of the aggrieved. The head of unit is the main person who is designated for grievances redressal and above all CMD is the senior most person to be contacted for any such matters.

At all the project sites staff clubs and union clubs have been provided apart from the main club such as Pyrite club for executives at Amjhore and Sone Ganga club at Saladipura. Besides this “Children Park” facilities have also been provided for the employees’ kids & family members.

Advisory Services