The economic liberalisation has thrown open a plethora of challenges. In this scenario PPCL, with its vibrant marketing network that is entrenched firmly around the roots of Indian agriculture, provides an ideal launching pad for promoting agriculture inputs. Its decades of undaunted service for commercial agriculture needs no further explanation. Towards this end, PPCL has turned successful its marketing network into trading business advantage.

A well knit marketing department is the nerve centre of the company. The department has three zones North, East and South with headquarters at Noida, Calcutta and Bangalore, respectively. It has 50 sales offices extending throughout the nation. Besides marketing its own products viz Single Super Phosphate (SSP), Mussoorie Rock Phosphate (M.Phos), Agriculture grade Pyrite (AGP), Bio Fertilizer etc., PPCL is importing and marketing DAP, MOP etc., throughout the country. PPCL has made a name in handling of fertilizers at Indian ports. It has managed logistics efficiently in marketing of maximum tonnage of imported fertilizers within the country through a well knit distribution system which connects PPCL to the consumers.

PPCL, besides marketing of its own products, also imports fertilizers like DAP, MOP etc. and handles Urea on behalf of Govt. of India. PPCL also markets fertilizers, Agro minerals and other Agro-inputs produced by indigenous manufacturers. These activities are to augment the availability of fertilizers of right quality at right time at right price to the farmers.

PPCL has been exporting fertilizers to the countries like Bangladesh and is trying to find out markets in other neighbouring countries.


PPCL has developed expertise in handling of material at almost all major ports of the country infrastructure has been developed for speedy discharge of material from ships, its bagging and inland transportation.