Sone Ganga Khad (SSP)
PPCL has established quality and most acceptable SSP under brand name “Sone Ganga Khad.” It is an ideal combination of high quality 16% water soluble phosphate, 12% water soluble plant available Sulphur and 21% Calcium. SSP is being produced at Amjhore unit in Bihar as well as at Saladipura unit in Rajasthan. Sone Ganga Khad is very much popular in PPCL’s economic marketing zone covering Bihar, Eastern U.P., Bengal & other eastern states, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Western U.P.

Agriculture Grade Pyrites (AGP)
PPCL showed its innovative spirit by pioneering an alternative use of Pyrites. It developed AG. Grade Pyrites as an amendment for the reclamation of Alkaline (usar) soil and also its use as a source of nutrient Sulphur in Sulphur deficient soils primarily for the production of Sulphur loving oilseeds, pulses and cereal crops. With this, about 1.70 Lakh hectares of alkaine soils in U.P., Bihar, M.P., and Delhi have been reclaimed, thereby producing about 7.25 lakh tonnes of additional foodgrains every year.

Mussoorie Phos

PPCL has successfully established the use of “Mussoorie Phos” as the most effective, economical, natural and eco-friendly phosphatic fertilizer across the country and more specifically in acidic soils dominated in the Southern, Eastern and N.E. states of the country.

Sone Ganga Bio Fertilizers

To substitute high cost chemical fertilizer, PPCL has pioneered the use of agrominerals in agriculture and also to enhance integrated Plant Nutrient Supply (PNS) through alternative renewable source of nutrient supply such as Bio-fertilizers. Considering Bio-fertilizers are going to be at centre stage in time to come, PPCL has started producing Rhizobium inoculant at Amjhore for its marketing and promotion in Bihar and U.P.