Pyrites, Phosphates and Chemicals Limited (PPCL) was founded in 1960 with the mission of exploring and exploiting indigenous mineral deposits for the production of Sulphur, Sulphuric acid and phosphatic fertilizers.The main thrust of the company has been “Mining for Agriculture”. With this objective, the company has also been engaged in the marketing of quality fertilizers, educating the farmers on land reclamation, efficient use of fertilizers and allied activities for the prosperity of the farming community.

PPCL has three production unit and a vast marketing network spread all over the country. PPCL has identified huge deposits of Iron Pyrites at Amjhore, Distt. Rohtas, Bihar and at Saladipura, Distt. Sikar, Rajasthan. It has further identified and mined Rock Phosphate in the hills of Mussoorie (U.P.) and from this Rock Phosphate, PPCL sucessfully developed Mussoorie Phos as a natural and eco friendly phosphatic fertilizer for direct application.


Amjhore, site of one of the largest Pyrites deposit in the world, sprawls over an area of about 125 Sq.Km. in Distt. Rohtas, Bihar. Amjhore has an estimated 275 millions tonnes of equivalent Sulphure in the form of Iron Pyrites which makes it one of the largest deposit in the world. PPCL produces Single Super Phosphate (SSP) under the brand name of Sone Ganga Khad based on Sulphuric Acid being produced from Iron Pyrites. PPCL is the only company in India to produce Sulphuric acid from Iron Pyrites. The installed capacity of the Sulphuric Acid and SSP plants are 320 TPD and 800 TPD respectively.


The Mussoorie Syncline in the Himalyan hills has vast resources about 45 million tonnes of low to medium grade Rock Phosphate. These deposits are scattered all Syncline, covering a map length of 120 Km. Out of all the blocks covering the complete synclinal portion, Maldeota and Durmala are potential deposits. These reserves are being mined by PPCL and are being marketed countrywide under the brand name of Mussoorie Phos (M.Phos). PPCl mines in Mussoorie are the only underground Rock Phosphates in India.

The Saladipura unit possesses vast deposit of about 120 million tonnes of medium grade Iron Pyrites, equivalent to 25 million tonnes of Sulphur. However, as production of Sulphuric Acid from Pyrites is not economical, the company has setup 300 TPD SSP and 200 TPD granulated SSP plant based on bought out Sulphuric acid. The common brand name of the product is Sone Ganga Khad.