Village level development programme and community development

The Company has undertaken farmers’ educational, fertilizer promotional and extension activities in different parts of the country with the objective to increase agricultural production through adoption of modern agricultural practices with special attention on balanced and efficient use of fertilizers.

The company has also adopted 4 villages, 3 in Bihar, 1 in Rajasthan for an overall socio-economic development through agricultural and related activities at grass-root level. In these adopted villages, programmes like organising demonstrations, crop melas, soil testing, farmers training, farmers meetings and plantation etc. have been organised.

Safety and Environment

The company has made continuous efforts for protection of environment and safety of its men and machines. The company has won a number of awards in safety and environmental protection from the Directorate General of Mines Safety and Indian Bureau of Mines for its Amjhore and Dehradun units.

The company has been adopting adequate hi-tech control measure in the field of safety and environmental protection and is not compromising on these matters so as to maintain high standards of safety and environment. Further, during 1998-1999, 4500 saplings have been planted in the mines area of the Dehradun unit. Similarly, in Amjhore and Saladipura units 10,000 and 4,000 saplings respectively have been planted in order to provide a clean and healthy environment.

Research and Development
PPCL is continuing Agricultural Research Projects through the State Agricultural Universities to establish the usefulness of Mussoorie Rock Phosphate as an indigenous and economical phosphatic fertilizer in neutral and alkaline soil areas of the country.

Training and Development
Due attention is being given to training and development of the workforce with a view to ensure optimum capacity utilization and also to adapt latest technology in different areas of functioning. Apart from getting the work force trained through external training, in house training programmes have also been organised at different unit/division levels.

Industrial Relations
Series of meetings / counsellings with the recognised Union / Associations have helped in maintaining cordial industrial relations. The employees have rendered utmost co-operation and hard work.

Progressive use of Hindi
The company is continuing to make extensive efforts for promoting use of Hindi in day to day office work in order to comply with the provisions of Official Languages Policy of the Government of India. We have already published hand books on safety, training literatures, Work procedure, Purchase procedure in Hindi.

We are using software named LEAP & ALP to perform communication in Hindi through computer. The company has made further headway in this area by implementing the valuable suggestions of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language.